Steam Punk House On Wheels And Magical Creations

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Steampunk, which is a combination of modern technology, the solid construction of metals from the early 1900's, the nostalgia of the old west, a twinge of genius mad professor, and a piston full of steam, and you have the makings of a great stylish culture that is permeating into art, photography, architecture, and even music.  As we dig into the past and the cultures of others, who knows what kinds of cool trends we will uncover and bolster with enthusiasm.  I rather like these cool styles here... check them out... and then on the last page, watch the great video about steampunk and repurposing things for a new exciting ideal...

first russian submarine.jpg

 First Russian Submarine
"The first submarine appeared in Russia in the times of Peter the Great, in 1721. It used to be called “a hidden vessel”."





Valery Alexandrovitch


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