Social Media Helps To Save The Bees

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Here in Tulsa, having been in the roofing business for some time, we get up on a roof to inspect it for storm damage, and run into nests of wasps or bees.  It's the "normal" thing to do when you've got to get to work to have the homeowner call an exterminator before work can begin and have them get rid of the "pests."  

I ran across this post on facebook today, and realized just how powerful "free advertising" and social media are when it comes to communication, and finding a use for those "troublesome bees:"  


"I sell local honey harvested from south Tulsa bees each summer, but that's not what what this post is about. This is swarm season, and If you see a bee swarm, I am happy to come remove it from your property for free. You get the bees out of your tree, etc, and I will care for the bees and maybe get them to make some honey for me. Keep an eye out, with all this rain, once the sun comes out and it warms up, they bees will be swarmin!

918-520-4970   — at Shadow Mountain Honey Company.   James Demming"


I suppose he'll be pleasantly surprised how well his Facebook post did now that word is out he's doing such a great service to the bees.  Thank you James for taking the time to gather up all those helpful critters!  

For the wasps... I guess they're still SOL, and considering I got stung the other day, I'm not too happy about them.  But I reached into my lawn and plucked a couple leaves from a Plantain Weed and taped them to my arm, and no swelling, no nothing.  

Now watch this bold bee man... gives me the chills:


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