Now This Is A Tool For Survival And For Having Fun

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I've been using a sling to throw rocks since I was five years old.  It's my favorite thing to do when camping or in the wilderness.  There's nowhere better than by a lake or a river.  If you get down close to the water, you can skip rocks a long ways.  If you're using a good sling, with good practice and the right smooth stone, you could send one hurling about 400 yards.  With rocks, you can only be so accurate due to the variable of different weights and sizes.  Imperfect stones curve as well.  A few thousand years ago, they used "sling bullets" which were made with a mold.  They made them all the same size, and slightly oblong.  They learned to throw them in a spiraling manner simmilarly to how rifling on a gun spins a bullet.  This made them extremely accurate since every "bullet" was the same size and weight, and they could practice with consistency.  It was sed that a peltist "as sling users were called" could break a sword in half at 50 yards.  

They were also quite popular with the reading of the book Aila and the Clan of the Cave Bear in recent times.  

I made them for a time in Washington State from home, and tried to sell them in sporting goods stores.  I made several hundred of them, and ended up giving them away for birthday and christmas presents through the years.  Everyone who has one loves them.  Selling them in stores was a flop without a tv commercial to see how to use them.  ...well here it is finally 20 years later, now that I don't have any left to sell.  It's fun to make them though.  Here's a link  to another story where I taught Clark Benefield to make one, and here's the Christmas Video I made about how to make one from things around the house.

Here's some more great pictures I took coming across the bridge and while out at the waters edge: 


When driving onto the bridge, you have to be sure no-one is coming the other way.  There's only room for one at a time.  See the other car setting over there waiting to cross?  The train crosses on the other bridge.  





Ooh look... here comes a train now! 








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