Sliding Barn Door Designs and Ideas for Your Home

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Love a rustic look? Get inspired by these 30 sliding barn door designs and ideas for the home, along with some awesome tutorials!

Welcome to our gallery featuring incredible sliding barn door designs that will make you swoon!

As industrial-rustic and vintage styles have entered into popularity, sleek, glossy designs have become markers of homes without individual personality. 

Enter the sliding barn door. These types of doors are easily identifiable, thanks to the use of reclaimed wood and heavy hardware. 

Their initial popularity has spawned modern interpretations that focus on glass and metal, but the classic wooden barn door is still the reigning champ of sliding doors.

These doors are perfect for adding texture to any room. A common misconception is that sliding barn doors belong in rustic and farmhouse rooms and homes–not in modern or contemporary spaces.

Of course, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sliding barn doors in gorgeous, rich wood act as a source of warmth in starkly modern spaces, as architectural charm in contemporary homes, and allow a simple transition between spaces that reduces the odds of having a door open into an awkward space.

The above kitchen utilizes these sliding barn doors to close off the otherwise open-concept kitchen.  You can learn more here.

These doors stay out of the way, won’t slam if you have the windows open for a cross breeze, can be used to disguise adjacent spaces.

For example, if you were to have an office space and wet bar next to one another, a sliding barn door could be between them or cover one or the other.

A sliding barn door is functional, beautiful, and adds architectural charm to any home. Plus, they’re not an incredibly difficult change to make!

You can, of course, purchase a handmade or prefabricated sliding barn door from various online shops, or you can build your own exactly to your specifications.

We’ll check out some awesome tutorials to help you get started later, but first let’s check out some of the ways you can use a sliding barn door in your decorating!

How to DIY a Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors look great in any home and are deceptively easy to DIY, if you’re so inclined. In this section we’ll outline a few great tutorials for you to choose from.

  1. Remodelaholic – This simple tutorial is great for beginners and includes a building plan, materials list, and cut list. The result is a simple door with a single diagonal cross beam.
  2. Lynne Knowlton– This tutorial has both a picture-based instruction list and a video tutorial. This tutorial is focused on building the hardware, and is great for those who have a vintage or salvaged door in mind and need to hang it.
  3. DIY Network– This low-cost tutorial requires medium experience and a single day to get your new door built and installed. This tutorial is not for building your door, and can be used in conjunction with door-building tutorial.
  4. The Turquoise Home– An all-in-one tutorial that will show you how to build and hang your brand new doors. This tutorial takes a slightly different view on the doors, using galvanized piping, hooks, and wheels on the bottom of the door to get your door to move.
  5. Paper Daisy Design– This is a great tutorial for those who love the look, but don’t want to go with a rustic wooden door. The tutorial shows you how to build your door for as cheap as $50, and utilizes color-based illustrated instructions.
  6. Wilkerdos– This simple tutorial utilizes house siding and trim pieces to create a light-weight door, as well as your own hardware to hang it.
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