15 Year Old Invents Shoes To Charge Your Phone

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People walk more than 7000 steps per day.  If we were able to take advantage of all that energy, and turn some of it into electricity, well, why not?


angelo casmiro.jpg

 15 year old Philippine boy, Angelo Casimiro is taking power generating techniques to the next level with his cell phone charging shoes! Watch and see!


"The power generating soles are one of my first concept projects. I started my first prototype last five years ago although it was a very primitive, compared to my current design. My old prototype had two TO-3 plastic spacer sandwiched between two piezo discs. It produces a fair amount of current, enough to charge a Nokia 3310."

"5 years later, I came back with the idea of using the sandwiched piezo setup, this time integrated to a charge collector and powerbank. So I thought, why not add 2 more pairs? After all, more is better."

Here's a link to his instructable

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