Rob Is Living Large In His $900 Tiny Bedroom And An Outdoor House

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I can think of countless reasons why a person could get to the point in life where it's time to start over and go debt free.  Rob is a living example, call it an experiment, and epiphone, or simply show and tell of how to just do it.  What started as a vision to build a tiny house lead to the finding of one already built for $900 on  Suddenly with all that construction time saved, Rob's motivation went straight away to living a cost efficient, low impact life.  

So many of us live beyond our means for the sake of comfort.  We finance a fancy car and live in a house that consumes 1/3 of our income.  The car comes with a service plan so we don't have to deal with down time, and we become stuck in the rut when the car doesn't last as long as the bill that follows it, or the job doesn't work out.  

So what are those reasons I was talking about?  Well if you've been through a foreclosure, likely you won't put up with the circumstances that lead to that again.  You might have been through a divorce and your spouse had the job, or you've lost a job or something caused circumstances to change.  Maybe you have just realized that you have nothing left after paying the bills to actually enjoy life.  Rob's idea might be right for you, and this might be the way to get your feet planted on the ground.  I don't expect that everyone needs to do this forever, but embracing a budget cash-only lifestyle that steps down from the "credit dream," and saves up cash to do it debt free may cost you a year or two or three of comfort, but lead to a debt free future for the rest of your life!

I've been following Rob's Journey and love what he stands for, and how he's setting things up.  Here he share's what he's been up to the past four months:

Here's Rob's cool outdoor bathroom sink

For a pantry he uses a simple outdoor mini-shed.  He says the air filled walls provide enough insulation from the San Diego heat to keep cool all the time.  Even his coconut oil stays in it's solid format, which means it's always below 74 degrees Fahrenheit.  

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