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Right Smack in the middle of the country rests one of the most touching places I have ever been.  Off I-44 near Joplin, or more preciesly, Carthage Missouri are a number of billboards that from hundreds of miles away, direct you to the exit that takes you on down a rural country residential road, and when you come to this place, like a wrapped present, inside is beauty beyond measure.  It is the founding place of the one who started it all, one of the most beautiful treasures we see in stores around the world.  First they were painted as the faces of children and as angels, and now as even the childlike versions of Disney characters and Christmas delights.  

We all know these Hummel-esque charicatures as Precious Moments.  At the birthplace of these special treasures lies a place where as MichaelAngelo decorated the Sistine chapel, Samuel Butcher has meticulously decorated the hall of the Precious Moments Chapel, and it will fill you with awe, respect, and might move you spiritually as well.  

Here is the walk from the entry building to the chapel.  Bronze Angelic trumpeteers line the pathway to the chapel.  


The final procession to the chapel


We took this little mini vacation from our home in Owasso, Oklahom two hours northeast to Missouri, and just thought we would stop by.  Amy and I had stopped in before we got married, and now the girls are an age where they would love it.  Sienna was feeling a bit sick, so she didn't enjoy it, but Angelina marveled at everything.


As you step onto the pad before entering the doors, one cannot help but notice the bricks that one walks on.  Many were dedicated to people with an ending date stamped on their brick.  That can only mean one thing.  With a reverence and somberness, I look up and continue to notice something strange about the windows on the front of the building....


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