Well Would Ya Look At This Piano!

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So you saw the little thumbnail, and thought this was a piano huh? Well no,  this isn’t just any any old piano. In fact it’s not even a piano. It’s just been made to look like one and in actual fact is made from recycled furniture. Portuguese artist João Mouro specialises in reconstructing redundant furniture he finds left out on the streets of Lisbon and turning it into wonderful works of art. He believes that collecting discarded wooden furniture is a more cost effective way to experiment with materials. What he creates is completely dependant on what sort of materials he finds, and does not follow any specific design process.

piano 01

Joao has cleverly utilised domestic household furniture to form this finished piano replica. The legs have clearly been formed using the legs of old tables and chairs, but if we had to guess, we’d say that the main body of the piano would have been made from old cupboards and desks, which would use slightly flexible woods such as veneer to form the curve of the rear.  Source

Having an extensive background in piano restoration, I find extreme humor in the thought of delivering this to someones house as a part of a piano move where we pick up a beautiful Yamaha C3 grand piano, and unveil the delivery as we take the cover off to be this!  Bwahahahahaha!  

Okay, I've had my fun for the evening... I just can't stop grinning.  


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