The Bledsoes Have Made One Of Those Great Penny Tables With A Twist!

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Once again in my day to day's in roofing land, I find that people keep on amazing me!  Many of my customers are repeat customers this year since last year's hail storm got them a new roof, and this year's hail storm got them another one.  Here at one of those homes lives a beautiful couple:  Mr. and Mrs. Bledsoe.  Last year, Mr. Bledsoe was condemned to surgery for a tumor by a doctor from a brain scan on old equipment.  After going through the fears and worries about the surgery to come, he opted for a last minute second opinion and scan elsewhere.  The follow up proved priceless, as the newer machine gave a clear picture of the problematic area, and it might have well been a hoax at his expense.  Nothing there!  After the traumatic event, I returned this year to find them hopping about with a new lease on life, excited for each day at hand, and creative with ideas being put to action everywhere you look!  The dining table was quite traditional last year.  This year, Pinterest lead them to make this beauty.  I'll let Mrs. Bledsoe describe the process in video:

Setting here is a beautiful geode they found near Hot Springs Arkansas on a trip.  They said the hilltop was covered with glistening gems after the rain!



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