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For those who have built a life in city life, the thought of being off the grid is somehow tremendously daunting.  You look at the computer every day and are tempted and taunted at the ideal of being in the great outdoors, of having space, of spending just one minute of the day without the roar of traffic, or the pressure to keep moving forward to pay the bills.

All you can think about is the day you pack one bag, leave it all behind you, and hit the road with open adventure's beckoning call! 

When you have a lot of things, it's the reality of planning for that interstate moving company to bring you 2,000 boxes and begin packing up knowing that the dream you were chasing didn't include 10 years of storage for all the things you ever held dear.  You didn't want to lose your high school year books, or the pictures of when you were five.  Such planning now involves the intermediate step of taking every piece of paper you ever kept, and dropping it into a high speed scanner, then sending it onto a cyberspace storage location.  Then you can breathe.  Then the tornado can come and take your house away with assurances that you have saved what was important, and moving, movers, mover, and transportation become words not required in your next google search. 

The nice thing about this scenario is that city life and high value homes tend to be more expensive than homes in the country, so after working hard to save up, it's time to move into a life of off-grid retirement.  Building or buying a dreamland in the wilderness has never been quite so easy, as long as you are willing to let go, and make room in your life for something new, for something different, and the sense of adventure known by our ancestors about moving west is fulfilled in this quest:  to be "Living Off The Grid!" 

It is taking your technology with you, and stepping out of the norm.  The technology is there, so why not use it.  There's no financial motivation for power companies to promote it yet, so you're pretty much on your own when it comes to getting set up.  You are Lewis and Clark with your Machette ready to brave the wilds of new frontier.  

I challenge you and I praise you for your courage!  

For those of you who have no home, and are contemplating what you will build, you have every opportunity ahead of you to take advantage of new technologies and a new way of thinking.  From super-insulated housing designs to earthtube heating and cooling, from rocket mass heaters and compost heating to woodfired hot tubs and saunas.. ... Solar power, wind power, water power, efficient LED lighting are just the beginning of great things to build in to your plans for a better, wiser place to live.  

With knowledge, with technology, and with an open mind, prepare, plan, be ready to free yourself from the bindings around your feet.  Let your imagination soar again into uncharted territories, and with your social media share your exploits in real time with the world!  May your expidition be bountiful and your blessings many!  Prepare for many trials, many successes, more smiles, and more satisfaction than you have ever known as you get to a life where there are no utility bills to send out, and the stress of the rat race has left the building.

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David Webster


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