One Man Shows Us How Much We Throw Away, And Works To Turn The Tides On Wasting Food

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Arrested for Dumpster Diving for Food? I’ve Got You Covered.

by Rob Greenfield Jcomments

We throw away nearly half of all the food we produce in America while 1 in 7 Americans are fighting for their next meal. To me that is absurd, a country with such an abundance of food with an equal abundance of hunger.

I’m not down with this.

I’m not down with throwing away all this perfectly good food.

I’m not down with hungry children and elders.

I’m not down with the environmental havoc created by throwing way billions of pounds of food.

I’m not down with all the animals that are raised and killed just end up in a dumpster.

If we all took action today we could be well on our way to a solution tomorrow. The fact is that the solutions are all here already but many of us just have no clue about the issue.  Awareness to the issue has been increasing drastically over the last few years but it still needs a big time push.

Dumpster diving is not the answer to The Global Food Waste Scandal but it really brings it to the attention of others and gets people thinking. I’ve dived into over 1,000 dumpsters in 25 states across America and seen The Food Waste Fiasco first hand. I’ve found that I can collect $1,000’s of dollars worth of perfectly good food in a matter of hours in nearly every city across America that I’ve been dumpster diving in.

This for example is how much food my friends and I found in Madison, Wisconsin dumpsters:

Food Waste Fiasco Rob Greenfield

And here’s one Panera Bread dumpster. This is just one days worth of waste at this Panera:

Rob Greenfield Food Waste

Here’s what I found in two hours of opening up dumpsters in Detroit, a city with so much poverty:

Food Waste

I think getting more people out there dumpster diving for food will only help to battle the issues of wasted food and hunger. From what I can tell the main reason that people don’t dumpster dive is the fear of getting arrested or ticketed.  I’ve learned from experience that this fear is mostly unwarranted but I’ve also learned this from talking to people and scouring the web.  I would guess that millions of people have dumpster dove for food in America yet I have turned up only a few cases of arrest and they all were dismissed after the public pressured the courts to do so.  These cases did make a splash in the media and raised awareness but if I was behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes) I think we could make it a national media affair.  I know that if someone was to get arrested for dumpster diving for food in the USA it would be a win for the fight against food waste. It would be an opportunity to bring the issue to the general public and more people would see the senseless waste that we’re creating.

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