Mongolian Yurt Camp In Norway for Team Building or Nature Retreat

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Yurts look like small round huts. They are called 'yurt' which is Russian, or 'ger', which is Mongolian. The most common used word is yurt. These settlements are still traditionally used by most Mongolians, and the way they construct them, allows them to set up or take down a yurt in less than 3 hours. An entire yurt will fit on the back of a mule or yak.
After one night in our yurts you will understand why there are still people who choose to live in a yurt! They are in fact both comfortable and pleasant to live in.
After some experiences with our first yurts which we built according the traditional Mongolian way, the Norwegian climate –rain, stormy winds, heavy snow- forced us to reconsider a thing or two. Our yurts have a permanent character, so we have used superior construction techniques and materials, and every yurt now has an insulated floor, roof and walls. However, this has not changed their style, shape or affected the atmosphere traditional yurts are known for.
The entire interior we made ourselves in our workshop. Beds, tables, decorations, hanger, even the door handles, and we used a lot of deer and reindeer furs on the floors and walls.

Back to Basics

Yurt Interieur.pngSince we promote living with nature, there is no kitchen, electricity, water or toilets inside the yurts. In the evening you will have to light candles to light the yurt.
Instead, we have thought through alternatives that correspond with a lifestyle closer to the old days and a more back to basic way of life.
E.g.You have to walk to the comfortable purpose built block where you will find toilets, shower and wash room.
In the center of the large, roofed fireplace (5x4m), a circle of big stones serves as your cooking stove. We encourage our guests to use this place as much as possible. Each yurt unit has its own outdoor outdoor “living room and kitchen”. Every fireplace is equipt with all necessary cooking tools and cutlery.Dishes can be cleaned in the wash area.
There is something magic about fire, especially when you have made it yourself, and food you have cooked outdoors tastes extra good.
And afterwards, gathered around a fire, you can enjoy each other’s company by telling tales, singing songs, or just gazing into the flames. What more can there be to life?

Staying in Basecamp

Campfire.pngOur guests have 3 options regarding meals and food:
you bring your own food and prepare it at the fireplace.
we provide a selection of 3 different meals you can choose from, and which are ‘half prepared’. You can buy these meals (per person) from us in the Kafeen + cook them on the fire. A breakfast package per person is also available.
you can enjoy breakfast and or dinner in the Kafeen.
Regarding you stay you have 3 options:
rent a yurt or a yurt unit for 1 or more nights. Just accommodation, no meals or activities included.
rent a bed in a yurt for 1 or more nights (Youth Hostal principle). In that case, breakfast is included. If you decide to rent single beds, be aware that you might have to share the yurt with other guests.
book an arrangement of your choice. These may include meals and or activities and have a set duration.
You can find these arrangements here

Practical information

• You can rent sleeping bags (including inner sheets which we wash every time after use), fleece blankets and towels. A pillow with a cover, and a sheet on the mattress, is included in the rent of the yurt.
• The workshops ‘making fire’ and ‘cooking on a campfire’ are free.
• The use of cooking tools and cutlery is free. You will have to clean them after use.
• We provide a free firewood starter kit. If you need more, you can purchase more firewood from us.
• Toilets, showers, sinks for personal use, and doing the dishes and use of the refrigerator are free. Use of the washing machine and dryers will be charged.
• On arrival, you will be asked for a deposit of 1.200 Nok which will be returned to you upon departure. However, if things are missing, damaged, or not cleaned, you will be charged for these.
• If you rent a yurt, we always charge end-cleaning. This way, upon arrival, you will always find your yurt neat and clean. We expect you to leave the yurt after your stay the way you found it upon arrival. The end cleaning includes the time we spend on washing bedding, vacuum cleaning, dusting, treating garbage etc.
• Check-in is between 15:00 and 18:00. Check-out is before 10:00.
• More practical info will be provided after receiving your booking, or by email.

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