Myskox - Saga Building Naturally In The Outdoors....A Much Needed Change

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Sometimes you come to that point in life where you really need a vacation.  You take one, and come back to work afterwards, and realize that you still need another vacation.  Getting back into the flow is nearly impossible.  You are found to be slacking for a week or two as it takes that much time to get your head out of the beautiful places you had been.  

Then you realize that somehow you know you need to live there.  You need to go back and live as close to the outdoors as you had been.  The closer to the trees, to the smell of the morning grass..... the closer to the sun that shines in your eyes in the morning, and the darkness that swells over the land at night, the happier you will be.  

It might only be fore a season of life at a time, or you might end up being a hermit for 20 years who never returns.  Nevertheless, it's something you have to do.  That's how I felt when I watched this  ~DW

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