I'm Living Off The Grid. Does It Matter Who Is In Office?

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Okay... I usually keep political views off the page, but we are at a critical crossroads that will define America as we know it.  I see political views being interjected into post comments, and I know that everyone wants to get it out there, so here's your chance.  Below this post, feel free to comment and interject all the goods.... lay it on the table and get it all out there.  The U.S. is a tinderbox of polarized politics right now, and sometimes getting a bit of a voice helps us to vent and feel like we said our piece.  
Many people feel that the system has wronged them in some way, and it probably has.  It has become large and bullish with too many laws, too much financial incentive to prosecute citizens and bear down on people to take their money, their land, and their freedoms.  There is always the looming risk of natural disaster, as well as the risk of an EMP or other military mayhem either foreign or domestic.  With a large population of military veterans, ex-boy scouts, and prepper types, many Americans tend to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for whatever may come.
Living off the Grid provides insulation against the powers that be, recurring monthly bills, and those who have land have an additional buffer of distance between homes for family safety and privacy.  Many of the concessions people make today are reactionary to the worries that a government that spends more than it takes in is putting the nation in jeopardy of financial collapse.   

The knowledge that all of us are guilty of some crime on the books of some state, city, or county just for passing through, there is an oppression that cannot be fixed by the governing body.  Newly elected officers step into positions with generations of sludge on the books...... where they spend all of their time maintaining what's in place.  Their hands are tied to make any serious corrections.  
The current position we find ourselves is in need of a reset, a starting over, a bankruptcy, a proverbial emp to the hard drive of every town, city, county, state, and federal computer where we are able to start over.  We need to adopt a 10 or 20 year practice of cleaning out sludge in the government.  
I don't think a single candidate can make the changes necessary.  What I do know is that a Democrat in the white house may continue to face blockades in congress where nothing gets done.  The fastest route to change is one party all the way through.  But should a Republican win, we need to be sure that the party is listening to the people, and not just running with a bought agenda.  Here's a little mildly partisan piece I wrote in response to a question, and I'll just share a window into my opinion about the direction of the nation:
I like that Bernie wants free education for all. But I also believe that education funding is a total racket in light of modern tech. Kids learn more from youtube and games than in class, and funds should focus on home based software based education. School building facilities should offer simple daycare, sports, music, Art, and extra curriculars. I see app-based / game-based education as a place to cut spending incredibly, improve extra-curriculars and improve learning.  Common Core is dumbing down our children and must be stopped.  
Todays education system has helped to create obesity directly by intentionally reducing outdoor activities and creating unhealthy people, and it has followed the lead of the big pharma directives. By eradicating the educational institution, we cut medical costs, medication costs, and reduce nationwide health care needs. So before the government ever initiated any kind of medical program, it has a responsibility to first deal with the education system. In Finland, the highest scoring schools in the world are predicated by a 15 minute break after every hour of learning.
Food stamp programs should pay double to start a farm, and incentivize weaning off the system by creating farming entrepreneurs and localized food gardens. This will also help homeless hunger circumstances as well as national food security should there be a hiccup in the distribution chain for grocers.
Without a capitalistic America, global lifestyle will deteriorate. There is a fine balance to be had. Air pollution was worse in Europe during the early industrial revolution, and wise decisions continue to make improvements ever since. The more public are involved in social media, the more their shopping decisions are bettering the planet. This is in the process of correcting itself through free market trade while politicians are trying to place themselves in positions to take credit for the transformation.
Greater working class citizen control over budgets, increased democracy through internet connectivity, reduced budgets to encourage creativity... like Uber Speeding tickets, will help place limits on taxation and bureaucratic spending waste. I wouldn't mind seeing Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul work on solutions together.... Bernie for his youthful charisma and need to protect the people, and Rand Paul for his economic savvy, budget mindedness, and ability to keep government over-reach in check.  

Congress is paid a salary to work for the people, and should be jailed for accepting corporate bribes. They have proven term after term that they cannot and will not regulate themselves, and do the job that they were paid to do. Also the system is broken, and big spending includes so many wasteful items that are thrown into the mix, and politicians are forced to say yes or no to entire books of budget decisions based on partisan politics. It is time that all budgets are presented online, and politicians are forced to vote for line-items on a computer or phone app, and can be held responsible for each decision they make, as it will be tailored with transparency and reporting to the public through a "Washington App." We need a 10 million-man Blockade in Washington to voice time for change.  They continue to choose not to self-regulate at our nations' demise, and we need a reset and a "whatever it takes" approach to making that happen.  
Congress still meets in Washington because there was no other choice 200 years ago. Today they continue to waste budgets on airfare when the Internet is readily available as a communication tool. 
The banking cartel, Rothschilds, and the federal Reserve is not part of the 1% of wealthy spoken of, so politicians badmouth hard working business people calling them one percenters, but remain silent on the financiers who control the game. It's time to revoke the license from the Federal Reserve and see true change come about.
Bernie Sanders continues to tout good intentions and garner support, while the heart of the Socialist / Democratic background is to take from the rich, and waste more of it, so the White House can party forever. Ask any Russian over 35 years old what they think of Sanders and a Socialist Agenda.  It's not about intentions.  He could have all the great intentions in the world.  It's just bad monetary policy and an economic creator of poverty to add government programs without cutting costs somewhere else.  
Though Republican principles are to support business growth, help the economy move up, and thereby raise everyone out of the hole, and this system still works without corporate lobbying.  I propose an amendment that Congress should not and shall not take a dime for any special interest group, but that each decision be made in the interest of the public who pays the bill. This should curb the influence of corportations and special interest groups.

There are many issues between local city, county, state, and federal governments, and they should be addressed for each as well. At the top of that list in the name of anti-corruption is that no town, city, county or person working for such entity should receive funds from tickets issued, fines, bounty's or bills issued to it's citizens. The citizens are above the government, not to be confused by who hired who. Taxes pay for local governments to run, not exploiting profit centers by attacking its' citizens.  Those funds should go to the homeless, non-profits, or other taxpayer voted designated location.
We can correct many of our problems by the incorporation of a web site and a phone application that allows the citizens to be tightly involved, and includes an online voting system. Such application should also be used to prevent any government employee from voting on any issue that involves the party or the persons who pay his or her salary. The citizens pay for the government to run, but it is a conflict of interest to have government employees taking part in the decision processes that spend the funds of the working class.
The motivation that Barrack Obama has to allow the free flow of individuals from Mexico could be more sinister than this, but at minimum, it is to draw the free flow of democratic voters who will receive assistance from the government. It will continue to break the system currently in place. The only solution is one which counts only the votes of the working class in such matters, and not those which receive their living wage from the government. Otherwise the republic will continue to tear itself in half.  I don't believe a wall is the solution.  A fair visitor-pass with phone gps tracking for each visitor or work visa holder could be incentivized toward citizenship to encourage them to use the system.  The system should be easy to use and reward good stewardship.  There is so much to discuss and work out, but these discussions should be offered online and with phone apps that help politicians to know the will of the citizens whom they answer to.  
This is long winded, so if you made it this far, I would love to hear from you.  Comment on facebook.
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