The Footage That One Man Took In Southern California Is Breathtaking - Mountain Skies

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Jason Bates has done a fabulous job capturing the beauty of the mountains where I grew up.  These shots were taken in and around the San Bernardino Mountain range which runs from the Cajon Pass through Mount San Gorgonio which peaks over 11,500 feet in elevation. 




Some of the features that stand out are the beauty taht came with rolling fog which was a continuous occurrence.  Growing up there, and learning to drive on Mountain roads, there are many days when the fog is so thick you can hardly see the line in the center of the road two feet in front of the car.  But the fog ebbs and rolls along as seen in fast motion in the footage. 


I have recollections of many a day when the haze below made the southern California valley seem as if the ocean had come to our mountains range.  I grew up with talk that one day the "big one" meaning the big earthquake would come, and at the San Andreas fault line, our mountain range would have beach front property when the rest of Southern California sinks into the ocean.  I suppose that's a horrible thing to say, but we felt good about our solid granite range.  


Fog makes for some spectacular sunrise and sunset spectacles such as this "fire in the sky."  


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