What? Live Off The Grid? What Ever Do You Mean?

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It is quite often that the idea of Living off the Grid gets challenged around here.  That's because when you have a television that shows what it's like around the world, you see places that don't have any infrastructure.  There are people that live beyond the power grid, beyond the plumbing lines, and have built a way of life around the simplicity of using the sun's light to wake and darkness to go to sleep.  The Amish have chosen to intentionally ignore many of the technologies we have come to take for granted, while many around the world still dream of the technologies we hold dear.  If One Billion people around the world are using Facebook, that means that eight billion more people are still disconnected.  Living off the Grid as a Facebook Page is here to share and highlight the places and stories of those, present and past who either chose to live or were stranded living beyond the system, beyond the grid, without the grid.... who figured out a means to survive.  Some of them not only managed to survive, but they managed to discover ways to keep cool in the Summer, to keep warm in the Winter, and to live comfortably without the luxuries the grid provides.  Those people can show us unique and interesting ways to conserve by the techniques we use to build our homes by building them with a renewed focus on energy efficiency wherever we may choose to build.  

Living off the grid is often associated with being disconnected or living away from the general public, and sometimes it is:tumblr_n2zplzCXa41qzwmsso1_1280.jpg

And sometimes it's more of a place where one is stranded.....


Fewer people on Earth meant land was easier to come by years ago.  With large tracts of land comes the dicision of where to place the house.  Sometimes it ends up somewhere out in the middle....


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