Liam and Rachel's Quaint $420 Tiny House Build From Scratch - Time Lapse And Explanation Of Process

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While working with a majority of scrap lumber picked up from job sites, pallets, and miscellaneous, 

With really no construction skills, this couple managed to assemble a home.  Since when did we all have to start with a big house.  Part of the dream has been and should always be that when you're young, you build a small house, and later add on, or you later buy land and build a bigger house etc.  Part of growing into manhood was to understand construction, and the assembly of your own home.  Today the banks foot the funds, and we build homes on credit all too often, missing out on the opportunity to learn the skills of the build.  It's nice to see them growing into this project. 

The plan was to use all hand tools.  At some point they broke down and got a couple power tools.   We won't fault you for that!

One trip to a local dumpster revealed a new unopened tarp, and right about when it was needed!

Some reclaimed siding, tin, and home-made windows...

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