Ida In Norway Lives In A Cave For A Year. This Is Her Story

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19 -year-old is in her third year in agriculture and horticulture school in Aurland , and lives in a cave located in the middle of a cloak in the mountainside above the school .

Hola is a rectangular profile with a maximum ceiling height of 1.2 meters, are accommodated with a wilderness bed covered by wool , a defective deck chair , a hammock and an oil lamp.  

"I don't exactly have a Tempur Pedic mattress, but it's good to sleep on a firm bed haha.   And then I have the wool I can lie on... it's really nice when it's cold" says 19- year-old.

Ida sleeps on straw, a few mats and a military blanket. Here she can sleep comfortable when outside it may be minus 20 out .

Inspired by a friend, 
She has lived in the mountain cave since last May and it was the love of the cave that brought her here.

"There was one at my school who lived right here in the last March, but though it was a bit crazy. The guy was my boyfriend eventually , and when he got to live out here , I was so inspired that I had wanted to try myself.  There are worse places to live, says Ida , smiling."

It did not take long before she appreciate waking up in a cave.

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