Horse Powered - An Invention Created Originally To Power A Washing Machine

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At this Amish Convention, there's a horse in the background... hmmm.. what do they have him doing?  amish.png

Up a little closer, it seems he's walking on a treadmill.  What is this?  Exercise?

horse 3.png


Somebody creative figured out that if you can get the treadmill turning, you can power a pto

horse on treadmill 2.png

Which can be usd to chop wood...

chop firewood.png


The wooden plank treadmill is easy on the hooves

horse on treadmill.png

Power your bandsaw or sawmill setup

power a bandsaw.png 

what it can do list.png

This invention was originally made so the Amish could power a washing machine without electricity.  A little ingenuity and a lack of electricity can motivate the creation of all kinds of great things!

Watch the video:

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