It Started With The Land And A Tiny Cabin - Homesteading From Scratch 32707 Part 1

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When it comes to getting started with a homestead, and you really want to do things your way, sometimes you have to start out in the sticks.  You find a piece of acreage, and make it your own.  I understand the reasons for codes and platting, and zoning regulations, since it all has to do with water drainage for everyone, and making sure your septic system doesn't spill on your neighbors land and all that good stuff. In fact, a recent homesteader I know had just that sort of problem, where a neighbors' septic was spewing onto her land, and she couldn't get anyone to do anything about it.  She ditched her financed land, and decided to start over somewhere else.  That's one of the best advantages of buying land owner financed with a small down payment.  If you don't like how things are going early on, you can escape the deal and find a better place without much loss.  I've seen it all too often where someone financing a piece of land builds a little cabin, then leaves it behind.  Something in life changes, and they just have to go.  The property owner who held the note is happy with the improvements, and just sells it again, while the purchaser is able to move on in life, back close to work, family, or whatever prompted the life change.  

When buying land, talk to the neighbors, and learn what might be a deal breaker.  Learn the unexpected, so you're prepared for what may come.  

This homesteader found the land seen here.  It is beautiful, and appears to be dry.  It's understanding what you're getting into that will help you to make a good decision.  He knew there would be a wetter season coming, and needed to build and prepare accordingly.  Location:  Central Florida.

Notice the trees have been cleared for a dirt road and living space.  When you build in a place that has few codes or restrictions, you may be on your own when it comes to knowing flood potential, low lying areas and whatnot.  

The property is fenced and gated to prevent unauthorized access.

I love the pines!  Most people don't consider that Florida has lots of pines in much of the state.  It may be flat, but it feels like wilderness!


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