Hiking The Pacific Trail, 2660 Miles And He Videos One Second Per Day; This Is The Result

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  • The trail crosses over 57 major mountain passes.
  • It dips into 19 major canyons and ambles past more than 1,000 lakes and tarns.
  • The PCT passes through four national monuments, five state park units, six national parks, seven BLM field offices, 25 national forest units and 48 federal wilderness areas. Imagine the work involved to coordinate it!
  • The PCT has more tread in Wilderness than any other trail. A remarkable 54% of the PCT on federal land in is Federal Wilderness.
  • The PCT is divided up into 29 sections of manageable length. The authors of the Wilderness Press PCT guidebooks split the trail into 18 sections in California (Sections A-R) and then restart the labeling, combining Oregon and Washington (Sections A-L). Therefore, there are two “Section As”. Generally, sections are bounded by significant road crossings and resupply opportunities. This splits the trail into comfortable 40-150 miles sections.
  • For more about the PCT, visit HalfwayAnywhere.com

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