Hard Work And Determination: The Satisfaction of Completion

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If the stress of debts keep you working, this is the way to envision your future.  For me, this kind of thought takes stress away.  

You can click on picture above to be taken to the listing for the property on right.  They'll make you create an account and log in first.  It's worth it if that's just right for you.  Location:  Missouri.  

Hard work and determination, the satisfaction of completion - are the things that stories are made of.  As we grow older, and the new generation is growing up, to sharing stories that help the next generation to better their lives is what it's all about.  Do great things, and pass them on to your heirs. What is truly great?  I say it's getting a dream that includes hard work, building something wonderful, then using and enjoying with those you love.  

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