Meet Ian: He Is The First Man To Step Foot On This Island!

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A year ago a volcano exploded underwater and expanded until an island was formed in the middle of the ocean.

This 65 year old millionaire managed to survive from nature whilst on this fascinating and entirely unique desert island. With extremely limited resources, his diet was mainly comprised of seagull eggs and squid

Ian has become the first human to sleep on this remote piece of land that emerged from the deep ocean, he spending 11 nights alone, in the most extreme isolation, with not even a dinghy to escape in, should the island suddenly collapse or start blowing again.

Due to the dangerous nature of that adventure, his experience was kept completely secret, even to his wife.

This secrecy was mainly due to the high risk involved, specially if it was taken into consideration that Ian was a castaway on a sinking island and he didn't even know how to swim! Ian was connected at all times via satellite phone. In the event of an emergency, the team was stood by in Tongatapu, Tonga.

And now a year later, our castaway came back to the world's newest island to spend 12 days.

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