An Old Barn... Or So It Once Was...

Categories: Inspiration

Here's a bit of renovation cheer to get your weekend started. This beautiful project in Whidbey Island, Washington took an old barn and revamped it into something truly spectacular. Designed and built by the up and coming Seattle firm, Shed Architecture & Design, the barn was magically transformed into a unique living space and guest house.

Shed actually spent some time living on site to learn more about the building in order to better facilitate the transformation. Old wood from the exterior is reclaimed and reused inside the home - so we guess you could even say that the barn was turned inside out during this amazing renovation!

Back in 2000, the crafty geniuses at Shed spent some time on Whidbey Island getting to know the lay of the land, the original barn and how the light moves across the floor as the sun passes through the day. In that time, they were able to capitalize on a number of opportunities and incorporate more ideas into the project. Certainly not all architecture firms can live on site to learn all the nuances of a place, but the technique certainly pays off in this beautiful adaptive reuse project.

The existing barn was split up into a main kitchen and living space, a bunkroom off to the side and then an apartment upstairs. The bunkroom has its own bathroom which can easily be accessed from outside. The second story opens up to a large living space with a ladder leading up to a lofted bedroom. Everything is contained within the original confines of the barn and each space was reworked to soak in natural light and oriented to the surrounding landscape. Skylights, dormers and bay windows were added to further connect the interior with the exterior.

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