Adventurer Hopes To Hike 500 Miles With 1860 Gear

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Ben Jenkins created a GoFundMe account to raise $1,500 for a 500-mile trip. He hopes to hike the 500-mile Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango in the Colorado Rockies in 35 days. The catch is that he will be using only 1860 hiking gear. The project is a sort of living history documentation of the journey. The crew will only use modern recording tools and everything else will be authentic.

Here is what he says in his GoFundMe landing page, the good news is that he is only US$450 away from reaching the goal.

500 miles. 35 days. 19th century.
A southwest trek though the Colorado Rockies.  A trek through some of the last remaining untouched wilderness in the United States. All using nothing but mid 19th century gear, clothing and techniques.

For years I've dreamed of hiking the Colorado Trail, a 500+ mile trail that stretches from Denver to Durango. A winding trek through some of the most remote sections of Colorado's vast mountains ranges and endless valleys. However, I don't just want to hike the CT, I want to hike it in a way that has never been done before. I want to attempt to complete the entire trail using only 19th century gear, clothing, food and trekking techniques. I want to create one of the most involved and immersive living history experiences ever attempted by someone within living history community.

This is, however, not something I can tackle alone. I am not one for handouts, and I contemplated doing this GoFundMe for quite some time. I opted to do it for several reasons. First, doing the trek in this manner can be very dangerous and I want to be able to approach it with every ounce of safety I can. Having a more ample budget would allow me to make sure my t's are crossed and my i's are dotted. Second, there are several pieces of critical gear that will need to be purchased to ensure the most effective trek - gear that would make the trek itself possible. Finally, the entire trek would ideally be filmed, and in the end turned into a short documentary. This will cost a good deal of money and will be a huge undertaking. The bulk of the money raised from this GoFundMe would be dedicated to finance the filming of the project.

Along the way I would be keeping everyone updated via a dedicated Facebook page and email list, as well as through the GoFundMe page. Due to the remotness of the CT, updates would only be once to twice a week, but keeping friends and family updated would be critical to the shared experience.

No donation is too small or too large. At the end I want this to become an expericene that can be shared and felt by all involved. I want this to reach beyond the living history community, catching the imagination of everyone who shares in the project.

Thank you so much in advance for every ounce of help.

Here's to the trail ahead.

Ben Jenkins

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