88 Years Old And She Still Lives Off The Grid Alone

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"There's Church in her barn and she goes there often to lie down. The pews were homemade."

Living room as it looks today in the old log home

Clock that she made that shows all the family (17 kids) in her family

Look to the right above the tub, this is her water coming in the wash house for her bath, comes from a spring.

"Her 60+ yr old brother died this week and she showed me pictures of him. The coroner came and pronounced him and family made the casket and washed and clothed him, no funeral home or embalming. This is a woman who is happy and feels so blessed. She does not live off the system whatsoever and draws no food stamps or social security. In all my 60 yrs I have never been so in awe as well as impressed with a person's independence and faith. Bless this sweet lady and may I learn and remember how to feel thankful and blessed as this sweet woman is."

by Jeanie Lawson

It's not too often in the U.S. when you run into someone who truly lives off-grid.  I have heard a story about one of the last hold-outs in the U.S. where they waited 50 years to finally get television cable in a home.  So it tends to seem odd and strange to us to know someone who never quite got connected.  The fact is, if you have lived off-grid in the past, you know that, aside from modern property tax, you can live pretty much without money! When you raise your own livestock, have flowing water, grow your own crops, wash clothes and dishes by hand, and make your own food, there's really not a need for cash flow.  When improvements on the house come from the soil or the forest around you instead of from a store, well that just sounds genius!  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  ~DW

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