88 Years Old And She Still Lives Off The Grid Alone

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"I feel very blessed that a friend introduced me to a wonderful 88 yr old woman who has lived "off the grid" since 1960.  Her name is Edna."  ~Transcript and photos by Jeanie Lawson  (2 pages)

Sitting on her front porch with her Bible. She was raised in this house from the age of 3. She is 88.

"She lives in an old log home her father built 83 years ago. There is not any electricity or running water. She has a cellar for her fridge."

"The front door was homemade and she re-did the chinking on the logs herself."

Chinking done by the elderly lady on her home.

"Her bathroom is outside on the hill and family ran water from a spring to her tub which she proudly showed me. She cooks on a wood stove and served me sassafras tea she made from the mountains (Very good)."

Pouring me out some sassafras tea from her wood stove.

"She gave me a bar of her lye soap she made and showed me how she makes dish soap from wood ash and water, also good for cleaning dogs."

"She washes clothes in an old tin tub she made."

Showing me her wash tub.

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