12 Ways Self-Sufficiency Will Make You a Happier Person

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7. You’ll Pay Your Debts off Quickly

While spending less money due to your self-sufficient lifestyle and getting breaks from taxes and loan repayments, you’ll be able to save up and pay off those debts in less time than if you stayed with your 9-5.

8. More Time Spent Doing what You Love

It’s no secret that doing what you love will make you happier, and if you live an off the grid life then your work is your joy!

9. Rehabilitation for Injuries

The repetitive motions of many chores done on the homestead (especially gardening) can help rehabilitate physical injuries as well as emotional and mental strains.

10. Perspective on What’s Important

Making your own clothing will change the amount of importance you place on labels and seeing your cows graze on organic grains in a pasture of green will give you a new perspective on organic vs. mass-produced meat and dairy.

11. Emergency Preparedness

Disasters both man made and natural are inevitable, but with a self-sufficient lifestyle you’ll have a leg up on how to survive and even thrive in a survival or emergency situation.

12. Pride in What you Do

Doing what you love and being able to care for yourself and your family is hard work, but you will swell with pride at all you’ve accomplished and learned in your journey to becoming self-reliant.  And you should be proud…that’s quite a feat! Becoming self-sufficient isn’t a walk in the park but the rewards are greater than the struggles.  There are financial, emotional, mental and physical benefits that stem from all the varied facets of a self-reliant life that make the joys of a life off the grid that much sweeter.

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