The Far Out Fantasy Homes Of Sun Ray Kelly

Categories: Inspiration

If today's millenials are a resurgence of a retro period of the 60's and 70's with the move back to nature, to communes and a free happy life....  If DIY and building with the earth... all natural and local grown are the trends of today, where did it all begin?  You could say that Sun Ray Kelly is the original that the world is trying to copy.  

"He's a fellow that I can only describe as Michael Reynolds meets Isaiah Zagar meets Alan Kimble Fahey meets your cousin Phil who disappeared into the woods 15 years ago." Said MNN Writer Matt Hickman  "He's not your average barefoot, chain-smoking, nature-obsessed green builder. Take a tour of SunRay Kelley's woodsy compound filled with homes built from natural materials and seemingly imported from another time and place."

Just like a professional singer when you try to duplicate thier work, most imitators don't have the...

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