The 4 Best States To Have A Peaceful Life Off-Grid

Categories: Homesteading

The modern society can surely have a detrimental impact on your lives, therefore, it’s certainly not a crazy idea to move to a secluded area to live a much peaceful life off the grid. Following are some of the most desirable places in the United States to escape the hustle and bustle and live quietly without the pressures and noise of modern life.

1.  Hawaii

If you are looking for an escape, there is no better place in the US then the serene woods of Hawaii. Sure it can be a bit expensive to move to Hawaii however, once you are there the solitude and peace attained will compensate all your costs. The good thing about Hawaii is that the reach of the grid goes so far, meaning the cities are of course all well connected and supplied with all amenities, as you move inland there is less societal impact and you are left with a total disconnect for greater peace. This coupled with the fact that Hawaii receives ample rainfall and at the same time has enough sun and fertile soil, means you can have long-lasting and highly self-sustainable farming and energy source.

2.  Missouri

If you do not fancy tropical climate and want to stay inland while staying off the grid at the same time, then Missouri is your place. Partly because the state highly encourages those who wish to escape from the mind numbing hustle and bustle to mind-rejuvenating natural habitat. The great thing in Missouri state for those trying to live in the woods is that there aren’t many regulations, and people are left alone to live their lives however they wish.

People are allowed to collect their own water, and they don’t even have to have their own wells or sceptic systems in their property. The land is affordable and has farm-friendly weather, means you can grow here with great ease. Hot and humid summer means there will be enough food source for your livestock. Winter is bearable with the average temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and sometime it snows which makes the overall climate pretty perfect for serving a long time off the grid.

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