SOLO for ONE MONTH as Alyssa Runs the Off Grid Homestead Alone

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"The time has come... I (Alyssa) was left on the homestead for an entire month to run things on my own! We knew this day was coming, so from day one we designed our property in a way that was Alyssa-friendly... or friendly for anyone running the property solo. In this video, we share some of the ways I'm able to manage on my own in Jesse's absence whether it's taking care of my day-to-day needs or even making progress on the property without him."

Alyssa shows us how she deals with water on her own, keeping lifting to a wise level

She shares her wisdom in buying a lightweight Honda generator so that she can cart it around at only 60lbs or so.  

Critical things like having dependable transportation, and also backup transportation are important when she's on the homestead by herself.  

Or why not just watch her yourself in this fantastic video:


Be sure to check out Alyssas' Youtube channel:  Pure Living For Life

Alyssa made friends with a local butcher to provide the materials for her regular batch of bone soup!  

Composting is always a must!

She uses a standard size propane tank so she can take it for a refill herself when necessary.  

Alyssa knows just when the solar panels aren't getting enough sun to fill up the battery bank, and it's time to kick on the generator for a little while..... now watch this:

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