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Leave it up to a school-aged child from New Zealand to develop an idea the helps Dad split firewood for warmth. Called the Kindling Cracker, this device takes splitting firewood to the next level, removing the need for a standard axe or wedge altogether.

Built from high-quality cast iron, the Kindling Cracker is designed to last. It features a well-engineered splitting head mounted within a 12-inch cast iron frame making it the perfect wood splitter for campfires, indoor fireplace, or even filling up the smoker.

As for the splitter itself, bolt holes at the bottom of the cast iron device make mounting a breeze and thanks to the patented design, wood splits with less force than ever before.

Finally, thanks to the Kindling Cracker’s user-friendly design, you may be relieved of your wood splitting duties entirely, because if it was designed by a kid, then you shouldn’t feel bad about adding this task to the list of weekend chores right? Available now for $85.

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