What If The Surfaces Of Your Home Were So Lucious, You Had To Brush Your Hand Against Them Each Time You Walked By

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What if the surfaces in your home were so luscious, you had to brush your hand against them each time you walked by? What if the the materials all came from nature...from nearby...and filled your home with organic beauty? What if you could meaningfully build parts (or all) of your home? What would your home mean to you then?

Let's design & build like such a dream!

This exquisite wall was built with straw & clay by ceramic artist Roos van de Velde. The doorway is framed with a tree crutch, and the wall is sculpted around the wood. 

The dining table is a live edge beautiful creation that wasted nothing of the tree it came from, and is beautiful beyond belief

Nothing is new, and everything long used when it was put into re-use

L'extérieur n'est pas mal non plus :

Je craque pour ses luminaires !!!! Excellente rentrée pour certains, certaines


'C'est du Belge' par rtbf

If you missed this broadcast on Belgian televison earlier this year or want to see it again ... take a few minutes and enjoy !

Posted by Roos Van de Velde on Wednesday, October 8, 2014  The porcelain flowers are her artwork....more photos of her work can be seen here www.roosvandevelde.com and on facebook here Roos Van de Velde. And more photos of her studio here:www.prenonsletemps.canalblog.com/archives/2014/01/06/28871040.html
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