Wait Until You See What This Eco-Hillside Cottage Looks Like On The Inside!

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This beautiful Cottage is located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire and it was formerly the home of artist Antony Dracup, who spent years chiselling away much of the sandstone cave by hand alone.

A terraced cottage with a secret cave has gone on sale for just under £200,000.

Dracups Cottage in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, appears from the outside to be a tiny house.

But the deceiving frontage gives way to not only two bedrooms, a living room and a galley kitchen but a huge sandstone cave with vaulted ceilings and ornate pillars.

The terrace was formerly the home of artist Antony Dracup and also boasts a roof terrace, landscaped gardens, a bathroom and an attic room.

Dracup chiselled much of the sandstone basement by hand after deciding to extend the small existing cave in the garden.

His son Dennis said his father – who died in 2002 aged 72 – revolutionised the cottage by decorating every surface and adding an extra layer of bricks for noise insulation.

“Every house that he took up residence in received the ‘Dracup treatment’ – arches, pillars, balustrades, moulding, marbling, graining, varnishing, stained-glass all designed and crafted from start to finish by his hand,” he said on a website dedicated to his father’s work.

“In true Colditz style – a little every day, but persistently – he chiselled away.

“His persistence was rewarded with noticeably stronger chest muscles and extra living space.”

The area is well known for its network of bright red sandstone caves, which used to be popular places for young people to socialise.

A description from estate agent Nock Deighton – which has had multiple enquiries since it went on the market on Monday for £199,950 – said: “Dracups Cottage is a simply unique home that must be seen to be believed.

“The current owners have really embraced the work of former owner and local artist Mr Anthony Dracup and have kept alive the unique character features and integral art work.

“The key feature is the wonderful cave which forms a stunning lounge/living space with ornate vaulted pillars and unlike anything else you are likely to see.”

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