Quirky Little Space-Saver Ideas In This Tiny Madrid Studio

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When Dido Fogué asked a Madrid-based architectural and urban planning design team to make her tiny home hyper-efficient in regards to usable space, she got exactly what she wanted. The home makes use of a plethora of innovative ideas in space-saving, adaptiveness, and functionality, all the while adhering to her quirky "Heavy metal meets Hello Kitty" style. The space is literally covered with trap doors and hidden compartments—usually occupying the space between floor joists—along with more traditional, time-tested techniques, such as closets under the stairs, and movable panels.

Making the most out of limited space is a skill that can take years to perfect. But Elii Architects upgraded a tiny home in Madrid with some amazing space-saving features you won't find at IKEA. The quirky 620 square foot attic loft has an impressive variety of hidden compartments, trap doors and even a retractable dining room set. These features create a sense of expansiveness while lending the home an eccentric spirit.

The owner of the studio, Dido Fogué, worked with the design team to not only achieve the optimal amount of useable space in her little Spanish haven, (nicknamed the Didomestic Home) but to do so in her unique style, which she describes as “a heavy metal fan that is very fond of Hello Kitty.” Elii Studio, the Madrid-based architecture and urban design specialists, began the project from a theatrical point of view. The home renovation focused on creating many quick “scene changes” as necessary depending on the circumstances.

For optimal interior living space, the designers added a series of lightweight partitions that roll on rails. This creates the ability to add an extra, private bedroom for guests, as well as separate the kitchen and dining room. For interior lighting, the opaque panels on the partitions let natural light pass through the studio whether the partitions are open or closed.


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