Update From Tiny House Build... and The Tiny House Movements Future!!

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Here is the update from Andrew regarding the meeting with ICC officials:

"This afternoon I had the opportunity of giving a presentation on tiny houses to the Ventura Regional Chapter of the International Code Council (ICC). About 30 officials attended the lunchtime meeting to hear this tiny house specific presentation.

I was grateful to receive the welcome that I did and was pleasantly surprised to hear the support from many voices within the group. The overwhelming response was that code compliance for tiny houses ON WHEELS is not as far off as we may think. Although not currently easily achievable within the IRC code, the members of this ICC chapter believe that it is something than can be achieved. In fact, I received a message this evening from an District Manager in attendance who said that he is a believer that "if you can design and engineer it, you can usually build it." That's a great start and really summarizes the experience I had today.

I was told that there are some conversations happening at the national ICC level about tiny houses, and was given contact information to connect with both the regional manager for ICC Government Relations and a National Board of Directors for ICC Executive Board Member to continue the conversation. I'm excited to connect and see what the next steps towards compliance might be.

Thanks Vina Lustado and Daniel Bell for the invitation to present. I believe we are on to something powerful for the movement..."

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