What Do You Get When You Combine A Tiny House & A Tear Drop?... A Tiny Drop!

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Tiny Drop is a tiny house of massive sustainable proportions!

At a mere 150 square feet, Tiny Drop is an ultra energy efficient home designed and built to demonstrate the enhanced health, comfort, and durability that cutting edge home technology has achieved. The home enclosure consists of a continuous thermal blanket, advanced home sealing technology, a ventilated rain screen and sun barrier which all work together to achieve comprehensive energy savings and durability.

Stepping inside, the first thing you notice is how expansive the small space feels thanks to natural daylighting and carefully placed views every which way you look. The air you breathe is also healthy thanks to the use of non-toxic building materials, a fresh air system, a quiet odor and moisture removing bath fan, and a combustion exhaust controlled furnace and on demand water heater. On beautiful days, operable windows and roof windows open up to fully connect to the great outdoors.

LED lighting tops off the package of ultra-efficient building systems. Tiny Drop goes even further to reach the highest level of sustainability by going off-grid.Spring water will be filtered for domestic use, an advanced technology composting toilet system deals with waste, and solar panels provide all electrical needs. Yet the greatest thing of all is how BIG Tiny Drop lives, including star gazing at its finest. Come see for yourself! Tiny Drop is going on the road for its Just a Tiny Drop in the Bucket Tour.

Since April, Tend has celebrated its innovative living solution by taking it on a nationwide tour and offering people the opportunity to see the Tiny Drop in person. Furthermore, those interested in owning one of these impressive rigs for themselves can simply contact Tend to have their own built to order for roughly $60,000.

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