This Petite Cottage Will Totally Sell You on Downsizing

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If there was ever a place that proved that small-space living doesn't need to feel like a sacrifice, it's the Oceanside Retreat, from Creative Cottages. Sure, the one-bedroom, one-bath abode might be a fraction of the size of your current house, but the well-thought-out design (and a healthy dose of white paint) make it seem much larger

The exterior channels a classic bungalow, complete with dormer windows, a cheery red roof and cedar shingles. Inside, you'll see that there's even room for a beamed ceiling, a stone fireplace, and spa-like shower lined with elegant river rocks. Shabby chic decor (like whitewashed wood and small floral prints) play on the beaming light streaming in from the many windows, creating an almost magical abundance of breathing room.


Can't you picture this place overlooking a lake or a sprawling garden? After all, when a home is this compact, the outdoors is truly an extension of your living space.

via CountryLiving

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