Seattle’s Timber Frame FabCab

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There are many uses for FabCab cabins including a home, guest house, home office, writer’s or artist’s studio, caregiver’s residence, in-law apartment, rental unit or a cabin on a vacation property.

FabCab utilizes a machine milled and pre-cut timber-frame structure which can be sent as a kit of parts (including the frame, wall panels, doors, windows, siding, as well as finishes and fixtures) to a customer’s building site, and erected / built by a licensed contractor. The noticeable quality of timber-frame construction sets these cabins apart from other kits and pre-fabricated structures on the market.

Ranging in size from 300-1800 square feet. My favorite is the 550 square foot model featured in the photos of this post. FabCab just placed their first home in Brewster, Washington and Maura shared a few of the photos of the completed home with us. To learn more visit theFabCab website and if you live in the area stop by and visit them and share your thoughts with me.

Although not listed on the website,  I found a price on the Press Kit brochure they sent me for the 1 Bedroom 550 s.f.: Exterior Package $48,500 and Interior Package $33,000.

by Kent Griswold / via TinyHouseBlog

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