Ultra-Compact Micro Kitchen: Perfect for a Tiny Home

Categories: Tiny House

This little concept kitchen unit is a full working kitchen that unfolds and expands to reveal all the commodities of a regular size kitchen. To me it seems perfect for a tiny home. What do you think?

Arana estimates that her prototype cost about 2,500 euros to make. The designer says that she is currently seeking a partner that can help her manufacture the system and bring it to the market.

The micro-kitchen unit looks a bit like a dresser when it’s fully closed and houses modules that can be pulled out when the kitchen is “activated.” A sink, a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave or toaster, a trash can, a countertop and storage are all enclosed inside of a structure that can be collapsed down to occupy less than nine square feet.

The Madrid-based designer said she got the idea for the Gali from her own experiences living in a small space, as well as from researching people’s daily food preparation and consumption rituals.

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