Live off the grid and rent-free in the charming Wohnwagon mobile caravan

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The minimalist interior is decorated in light cream tones to maximize the sense of space. A large bed with storage and a pullout bed underneath is located on one of the end of the home and is separated from the bathroom, located at the opposite end, by the open kitchen and dining area. The bathroom is equipped with a composting toilet. Rainwater and gray water are collected, recycled, and treated for drinking water, household uses, or as irrigation water for the green roof. A solar water heater provides heat to the home year round. WOHNWAGON’s high-performance insulation is made up of locally sourced sheep wool faced with recyclable spruce or wood-fiber panels and clay plaster.

The WOHNWAGON was developed for mass production, however each mobile home can be individually customized. More details, including price quotes that can range from 40,000 Euros to 90,000 Euros, can be found on their website.

+ WOHNWAGON / Images via WOHNWAGON / by Lucy Wang / via Inhabitat

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