Live off the grid and rent-free in the charming Wohnwagon mobile caravan

Categories: Tiny House


Is your dream to travel the world in an off-grid caravan? The Austrian manufacturers behindWOHNWAGON (Living Wagon) could help make your fantasy into reality. Wrapped in a rounded, larch-clad shell, this charming mobile home is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient gem built with locally sourced natural and recycled materials, a green roof, and solar panels. The solar-powered WOHNWAGON can be towed to just about anywhere in the world and fits within the footprint of a parking spot.

The green roof helps insulate the home during the winter and cool it during the summer months. Triple-glazed windows punctuate the larch shell, bringing in natural light and framing views. Solar photovoltaic rooftop panels generate renewable energy that can be stored in batteries located in the caravan’s false bottom. The WOHNWAGON’s retractable patio and awning allow users to transform their immediate surroundings into an outdoor living room.

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