Enter To Win A 2 Night Stay In The Amazing Hobbit Hole, Chelan, WA

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The hobbit hole got a great start on its arch today. It's built like an oversized shelf with a lip on the front to hold the dirt there once it's buried. Tomorrow we'll make that arch continue to the ground with some stealth cubbies to hide the utilities in.

It's the last day of ‪#‎tolkienweek‬ & I totally missed ‪#‎hobbitday‬. I love this picture that @jimmyhallyburton took of the view from the door less than a week ago. I can't believe how much it's progressed since then. I have 7 more days to finish & I'm freaking out!

View of the hobbit hole coming around the bend. This is probably the last picture before it gets buried.

Hobbit Window complete with flower boxes - this makes me very happy. This weekend is all about the exterior work. Bottom half is mostly done thanks to my sister & film crew who double as laborers between shots

Okay friends the quintessential round door goes in today! What color should I paint it?? Blue, Green or Yellow?

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