Gypsy Caravans: A Home Away From Home

Categories: Tiny House

Ever since, Greg’s caravans have been a favourite fixture on the festival circuit. He has up to four wagons available to rent and there’s a full list of the festivals you can expect to be able to book your stay here.

But if like me, your interest goes a little deeper, here’s some information to get you started…

First things first, the basic structure price is £15,000.

That doesn’t include the bespoke furniture and paint job, but you can find a full list of price specifications here.

The wagons take approximately 5 months to build, made from quality seasoned pine surrounded by insulation, a waterproof membrane and treated cotton canvas which is tightly tensioned around a poplar tunnel. They’re built on 15ft trailers and because the caravans are comparatively light, they are stable and well balance on a single axle trailer.

The built in double bunk bed at the end sleeps two on top and two below. They can be used as a spare bedroom, office, studio or even a home.

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