Gypsy Caravans: A Home Away From Home

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Aren't these Gypsy caravans beautiful? Look at the detail and the craftsmanship. Well built and you can drive 'em anywhere. Why would you want a Mercedes-Benz when you could buy a whole new lifestyle? The day that I have a backyard to park it in, mark my words, I’ll buy a gypsy caravan and turn it into my mobile Messy Nessy Chic club house. And I found just the company to get it from… Beautifully built and crafted with the air of an era that seems long gone.

We’ve found each other by chance, my future caravan and I, while I was doing my daily browse through Pinterest. I was feeling a little restless in my desk chair when I stumbled upon a photo of this cozy lair ↓

It had me at hello. So I clicked the link which luckily landed me exactly where I wanted to be, at Greg’s Gypsy Bowtop Caravans.

Greg’s a small Bristol-based company specialising in selling and hiring beautiful handmade car towable caravans made by, you guessed it, Greg. He started the business after the unprecedented interest he received in a towbow Wagon he had built for his own leisurely pursuits. A towbow wagon by the way is another word for his designs, which are also commonly known as ‘Bowtops’, ‘Gypsy Wagons’, ‘Whoopie Wagons’, ‘Towbows’, ‘Romany Caravans’ or ‘Vardo’ to name a few.

‘Whoopie Wagons’ first became a thing in the 1950‘s when increased road traffic finally saw the disappearance of horse drawn travel outside of cities and even the Romany were switching to motor vehicles. But Greg realised you didn’t have to be a nomad by heritage to enjoy these timeless wagons and decided to dedicate all his time to keeping their tradition alive…

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