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Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (author of "Microshelters" and "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks") tours a tiny house (converted from a garage) in Portland, OR. This airbnb rental house has full stairs to its loft, a great little kitchen, bathroom, and more- as you'll see in this tiny house tour. This particular house is also featured in Deek's "Microshelters" book on small homes, cabins, tree houses, and backyard offices.

Seen on the TV show "Tiny House Nation", CNN, and the NY Post, the 350 sq ft Rustic Modern Tiny House was designed and built by us, your friendly AirBNB hosts. Guest call it "completely charming" and "the perfect urban getaway".

The Space

For years we've been daydreaming about “maybe building a house one day". Then we finally made it happen - using our own two hands (DIY! The Portland way!) and with the help of some great friends (thanks, everyone!). We had a vision in mind, but a lot of the details came together as we built, based on what materials we had available to us.

Downstairs is the kitchen, living room with fold-down sleeper and bathroom with tiny clawfoot tub. Upstairs is the loft bedroom with comfortable queen sized bed.

Sustainable design is important to us, and the house is constructed and furnished from an eclectic array of reclaimed materials - squirreled away over the years, and now creatively reused and repurposed. See photo captions for a detailed walkthrough of the house.

• The trim and shelves are reclaimed from an old shed that used to be on the property.
• Teak hardwood flooring, cedar shake siding - salvaged from high-end construction jobs.
• The wood-clad windows salvaged from a horse farm in the Oregon countryside.
• The kitchenette stove/refrigerator sourced from the Hood River History Museum.
• The leather rug, a rescue donated from the Falcon Arts Community.

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