Father/Son Duo Transform School Bus into Solar Powered Tiny Home

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Patrick Schmidt saw freedom in an old school bus. With the help of his father, the Californian bought an old school bus, and transformed it into a tiny dream home on wheels. Complete with bedroom, living area, working kitchen and bathroom, the bus, now called Skoolielove, is home to Schmidt’s cross country adventure. The 1990 International School Bus has now traveled across 30 states, clocking in over 10,000 miles of tiny home travels.

Faced with the perils of unemployment, Schmidt decided to turn his luck around when a 1990 school bus came up for auction, priced at just $4,500. Over the course of three months, the father and son design team transformed the bus, which still had rows of brown vinyl seats, into a sustainable dream home. Renovations cost the pair almost $9,000, but with features like LED lights and a rooftop array, the mobile tiny home would save money and energy during its journey.

The Schmidts’ first step was to rip out the existing seats, to make room for Patrick’s soon-to-be living quarters. The bus’s arcing ceiling was lined with insulation, to keep the interior temperature comfortable throughout the year. A floor plan was then made, creating a sectioned off bathroom, bedroom, eat-in-kitchen and lounge. Colored LED lights were added to give a cozy atmosphere. Schmidt also included a working toilet and tiny shower, as well as a sink in the kitchen.

Keeping with the sustainable vibe, the roof was converted to a sprawling solar array, which also includes converters, inverters and batteries to make the tiny mobile home off grid ready. Skoolielove can be found traversing the country, giving Schmidt freedom combined with the comforts of home. 

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