Denver Deploys Riot Police to Demolish Tiny Homes For the Homeless

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According to DHOL, the organization had been trying to secure a legal location and permits for the micro-community for the last year, but with little success. As a result, the grassroots organization moved a handful of micro-houses onto Sustainability Park and proceeded to erect more homes for the homeless.

DHOL chose Sustainability Park for the location of Resurrection Village because the group claims owners of the property, the Denver Housing Authority (DHA), have torn down low-income housing units by the hundreds. While the DHA did permit use of the land by the Urban Farming Cooperative for a few years, it now seeks to sell the park to private developers intent on building multi-family housing far beyond the economic reach of those DHOL is attempting to house. According to DHOL, the development of Sustainability Park for such a purpose supports gentrification while ignoring the issue of homelessness in Denver.

Not to be deterred, however, Denver Homeless Out Loud’s press release concludes:

“We will not give up! We will keep fighting to defend people’s right to housing. For the sake of the future residents of Resurrection Village and those who were arrested, we must all stand together now! Stay tuned for updates on this story and information about how you can support our next steps in this struggle!”

Goals targeted by the organization include “providing low-cost, safe and sustainable housing for members of the unhoused community, gaining the right to put up tiny homes in Denver, ending the criminalization of homelessness, and maintaining urban farms.”

Images of DHOL’s work can be viewed at their Facebook page.

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