Denver Deploys Riot Police to Demolish Tiny Homes For the Homeless

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“To quash something like that in an instant is to rob them of a dream.”

"The group behind the guerrilla construction is Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) — an activist collective that’s known for pushing the boundaries on homeless rights issues. They’ve been dreaming, scheming and building “Resurrection Village” for months. What they want is a safe, sustainable alternative to sleeping on the streets — something they say does not exist in Denver’s booming economy."

Up to 70 officers from the Denver Police and Sheriff’s Departments converged onSustainability Park, in Denver, Colorado, Saturday night to dismantle and remove a micro-home community for the homeless. The community was created by Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) – a group “composed of houseless people and supporters,” according to the organization’s press release.

Following orders issued by Mayor Michael Hancock, police officers — including SWAT units with helicopters overhead — stormed the park by 9 p.m. local time to remove the micro-buildings, named “Resurrection Village,” due to lack of proper permits from the city. Ten were arrested in the process and charged with trespassing — Terese Howard, Benjamin Donlon, Karen Seed, Audrey Haynes, Andrew Tate Viviano, Raymond Lyall,  Coby Wikselaar, Scott Hauck, Stephanie Marraro, and DJ Razee. Denver Public Works then took the remnants of the destroyed homes, threw them into dump trucks and drove them away.

“People need to have hope that they can do something,” Kevin Beasley, a homeless man, told CBS Denver. “So to quash something like that in an instant is to rob them of a dream.”

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