Casa del Sol: Dr. Solar's Medicine Show van Conversion

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Casa del Sol is a van conversion project that Dr. Solar has been working on to make it part of his show. A few days ago, after all the hard work, he finally took it out on some trial runs before he can tackle the remaining interior which he plans to power with 850 watts of solar, set to include all the amenities and will run on grease next year.

This van along with his already converted to a gypsy wagon trailer will be part of his always entertaining traveling show.

Here's a video to see the progress made so far:


Terry Robinson is better known as Dr. Solar and he stars in Dr.Solar's Medicine Show. A Unique Family-Friendly Entertainment Experience Based Upon the Traditional Traveling Medicine Shows from the Turn-of-the-Century, 1870- 1930, a major renaissance period in the theatre and arts in America.

Unlike any other show you will experience, Dr. Solar’s show is the Premier Traveling Medicine Show On the West Coast; a truly Americana presentation, in the format that took varieties-style entertainment and worldly wonders to Small-town, USA.

The Doctor comes from times past, when magic was in it’s Golden Years, vaudeville in it’s heyday, and while those theatres flourished, Hollywood was abuzz with an emerging technological cultural phenomenon (motion pictures). His show is reminiscent of that era. He seems stuck in the 1920’s, a time when Comedy was King, and always suitable for mixed company and family faire.

From the moment the Doctor cranks up the “orchestra”, you will be dazzled by astonishing feats of mentalism, magic, animal productions, all animated with playful, comedic physical antics. The Doctor brings his show straight to your local, be it a school, a library, a fair, a corporate shin-dig or that special person’s birthday celebration.

He's an old school type of magician and ventriloquist, bringing joy to the entire family. He does this with his adapted trailer, converted into a gypsy wagon. 

Dr Solar, ever the safe-energy advocate, presents his eco-friendly portable traveling children's and family entertainment experience from his self-contained, solar powered thespian's gypsy wagon. Reminiscent of by-gone days of P.T. Barnum and his GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, Dr Solar is reducing his carbon footprint day by day and show by show with his eco-themed spectcular show.

In this video you can see a little part of his show:

Yes, this doctor still makes house calls, and you don't need an HMO to afford it, very family-friendly rates.

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